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  • Full front view of set
    $160.00 $130.00 Abalone Reflections 22"
    Gals, here is a wonderful intricate and unusual highly ornate custom hand beaded & knotted necklace set using Abalone and Mother of Pearl beads. Large 16mm mosaic rounds, 16mm square disks with inserts of the above...

  • Full View w/Pendant & Earrings
    $150.00 $139.00 Autumn along Skyline Drive 21" (Onyx & Carnelian necklace set)
    Lovely vintage Rainbow faceted Agate rounds (15mm) are featured in this custom hand beaded & knotted necklace set.  Accents of bright green vintage Onyx (8mm) (1930) act as spacers with a large vintage Carnelian...

  • Satin finish Lapis Lazuli 30" necklace
    $195.00 $175.00 Blue Treasures (30")
    Unusual shapes come on this Lapis Lazuli 30" satin finished hand beaded & hand knotted necklace.   Graduating stones combined with some carved focal points make this a soft satin presentation for wearing anything...

  • Double strand of Lemon Baltic Amber
    $185.00 $135.00 Butter and Cream 20" 22"
    Lemon Baltic Sea Amber w/White Swirled 14mm beads using Butterscotch Amber closer to the dual Sterling Silver Clasp.  Lovely drop earrings are included to compliment the 20" and 22" hand beaded & hand knotted...

  • Choker length Golden Baltic sea & Butterscotch Amber necklace
    $200.00 $185.00 Butterscotch and Toffee -21"
    About 8-12yrs ago, Amber (one of the 4 organic gems) was suddenly popular due to the Jurassic Park movies. Gradually quality Amber has been harder to find in sizable amounts.  The highest grade Amber is clear in lemon,...

  • Full view of double strand necklace
    $160.00 $130.00 Cafe` Rose Business Luncheon (22")
    I couldn't resist these beautiful heavy double drilled 26mm carved rose Carnelian creations in an Oxblood reddish brown!   It became a 22" impressive necklace with white Aurora Borealis faceted 11mm oval and 8mm...

  • Full front view of necklace set
    $200.00 $170.00 Coastal Birds (20")
    Deep "Lapis" color vintage porcelain 8mm blue beads creates a basis for this unusual custom 20" hand beaded & hand knotted necklace. The 42 x 58mm large vintage (circa 1950) Cloisonne Pendant was a nice find from which I...

  • Front view of 23" necklace set
    $150.00 $135.00 Elegant Elephant 23"
    This lovely former child's vintage yet pristine Ivory necklace was lengthened with vintage matte/clear crystals as well.   Circa 1930, this 23" hand beaded & hand knotted necklace set has open-worked graduating...

  • Full view of 28" necklace
    $165.00 $149.00 English Finery (28")
    I found this 28" hand beaded & hand knotted and hand painted blue and white vintage porcelain disk components in a cute antique store located in a small historic town called Ellendale!  I dressed it up with 14kt...

  • Full View of necklace set
    $180.00 $165.00 First Apple Blossom Blooms (27")
    Here is a wonderful 27" hand beaded & hand knotted necklace made with teal colored Russian Amazonite 12mm round beads accented with 14kt gold-filled bead tips.   It has lovely oval and round Cloisonne accent beads...

  • Necklace set
    $175.00 $145.00 For My Honey! (22")
    This lovely light weight necklace set has two wonderful organic gems that rarely are combined in the same piece.  Plumb gold fresh water pearl coins, and beautiful white swirling resin Baltic Sea Amber and 14kt gold in...

  • Full view of necklace set
    $175.00 $155.00 Fossilized Water Garden (21")
    Wow,who would think that these fossil stones made into beads this old, would turn up as jewelry? These 30 x 40mm flat oval disks come from Fossilized small Coral living creatures from long ago. The pendant has a Sterling...

  • Complete 3-pc. necklace set
    $159.00 $145.00 Green Pastures (25")
    Here is a lovely 25" hand beaded & hand knotted Malachite necklace set with matching drop lever-back earrings and a water resistant bracelet watch!  The round 8mm beads are a AAA grade with a high polished...

  • Complete view of necklace
    $185.00 $150.00 Hawaiian Waters (19")
    For those who are looking for 19" hand beaded & hand knotted chunky chokers I found some beautiful Mexican-American borderTurquoise nuggets (23mm+) that I mixed with rough cut Pyrite (fools gold) nuggets as well.  I...

  • Full view of necklace set
    $145.00 $130.00 Irish Wool Blazer (23")
    Here is a fantastic 23" custom hand beaded & hand knotted red and green Agate faceted 20mm coin necklace set. I found some vintage (circa 1945) Green Onyx that even has a beautiful vintage Green Onyx Stone Clasp!...

  • Full view of necklace
    $140.00 $135.00 Jurassic Bees in Amber (20")
    That's right!  Here is an unusual "frozen in time" example of bees that were caught in tree sap resin (Amber) from thousands of years ago!  The rest of the 20" hand beaded & knotted necklace has 12mm...

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