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  • 3/4 front view showing choice of colors
    $6.00 $5.00 Choose Options Bling "Sequin" fabric Sun Visor w/color choices
    Here are some inexpensive but great looking "sequin" fabric BLING visors that will do just the trick to keep glare at bay, and bring compliments to you on the golf course, tennis courts or wherever you need them.  They...

  • Samples of 5 colors, note yellow also.
    $20.00 $14.00 Choose Options Bling Brightly Colored Sunglassrs Hard Case Covers
    Gals here are some really nice "Designer Eyewear" brand glossy hard case covers for all "DE" (Designer Eyewear) sunglasses ( medium to large), or your crystal readers!  They come in Spring Green, Sky Blue, Lemon Yellow,...

  • Yellow with (matching available case)
    $22.00 $15.00 Choose Options Bling Brightly Designer Colored Sunglasses
    Here are Bling "Designer-Eyewear" brand Sunglasses that I have added with clear Swarovski crystals to make them "pop" even more!  They have 100% UVA and UVB ultra-violet protection and come in 6 spring time colors...

  • Kelly Green Geo Flat Top over-sized lenses
    $25.00 $20.00 Choose Options Bling Geo Flat Top Crystal Sunglasses
    Gals here are some very bold, unique but highly trendy flat-top sunglasses that I've added some flashy Swarovski crystals to enhance that Bling look.  Forest Green w/ Emerald crystals, medium Skye Blue w/ Aqua AB Blue...

  • Front view of Mirrored lenses
    $35.00 $25.00 Choose Options Bling Mirrored Teal Lens Sunglasses on Clear matte frames w/Bling accents
    These Wayfarer Style Sunglasses come in matte opaque frames.  The mirrored lenses are treated with a teal surface color.  I have added bling accents : one in Aqua AB Pearls, the other in gold round pearl "studs",...

  • Full view of Noah's Ark pin w/ Teal crystals
    $18.00 $14.00 Choose Options Bling Noah's Ark Crystal Eyeglass Holder Pin
    Ladies, here is a whimsical "Bling" Biblical Noah's Ark Swarovski Crystal enhanced Eyeglass Holder Pin.  I have custom crystal Readers and Sunglasses on this site that you can request matching crystals for your bling...

  • Aqua, Black and Pink Pearlized closed contact cases
    $14.00 $10.00 Choose Options Bling pearlized Contact Lens Hard Case Covers
    Here are 3 color choices of Hard cases for Contact lenses w/a mirror and marked containers inside.  The cases are embellished with clear Swarovski crystals.  Choice of Blue, Black and Pink...

  • Each have snap locks
    $12.00 $8.00 Choose Options Bling Sequined fabric Journal w/ lock
    Gals, if you are a person who likes to keep your thoughts in writing and love to journal or keep a dairy, you can get it with a Bling sequin fabric cover in various colors!  It also has a latsh and simple locking...

  • Eight colors to choose from
    $26.00 $20.00 Choose Options Bling Sequined Fabric Sunglasses Hard Case Covers
    If you're looking for a dressy hard case cover, these "Sequined" fabric Hard Case Covers for large Bling sunglasses are just the right solution for trendy fashions !  They come in a variety of colors, (check the...

  • Bling Swarovski Crystal Custom Readers/Magnifiers w/Cascading Aqua Color Hues
    $40.00 $25.00 Choose Options Bling Swarovski Crystal Custom Readers/Magnifiers w/Cascading Aqua Color Hues
    Bling new Crystal custom cascading design using Aqua Hues from dark to light on Rimless Readers with either 14kt gold-filled or silver-tone frames!   Unadorned readers like these were recently priced at $30.00 in a mail...

  • Mixed crystal colors on gold frames w/ sequin hard case
    $35.00 $20.00 Choose Options Bling Swarovski Crystal Custom Readers/Magnifiers w/Gold Frames
    Please note that these are a custom order process as magnification AND crystal color choices.  Recently note that an mail accessory catalog was retailing these readers  WITHOUT crystals for $30.00!  Check out...

  • Transparent Aqua Heart Sunglasses w/matching hard case
    $25.00 $20.00 Choose Options Bling Swarovski Crystal Transparent Heart-shaped Sunglasses
    If you feel like being that flirty girly girl, just bring out your custom over-sized Swarovski crystal embellished sunglasses with pastel transparent frames shaped like hearts!  These come in light blue or lilac colors...

  • Full view of hand-beaded/knotted necklace set
    $79.00 $55.00 Caribbean Easter Eggs (26")
    Be a part of the festivities....this 26" beautiful heat-dyed aqua Howlite with 5 and 13mm speckled beads, hand beaded & hand knotted with lightly twisted aqua bubbled glass is a real head turner.  Howlite in its...

  • Full view of necklace set
    $79.00 $60.00 Fluttering Leaves (26")
    Here is a real head turner! This 26" hand beaded & hand knotted necklace set has various sized matte glass beads fashioned as a "charm" that hangs among twisted (16mm) and round (8mm) Aurora Borealis glass beads...

  • Full view of necklace set.
    $69.00 $49.00 Forest Brook 23"
    Here is a striking Genuine Tiger Eye and aqua glass hand beaded & hand knotted necklace set.  The Tiger Eye has 3-3-mm donut focal beads and 24mm disks. Vintage 10mm Aqua glass and smooth and faceted 10mm Tiger Eye...

  • Full view of necklace set
    $59.00 $49.00 Icy Waters 23"
    This 23" unique pale icy yet a warm blue colored glass hand beaded & knotted necklace set boasts sparkle with the use of crackled glass 10mm rounds, 16mm disks, and 38mm curved tubes that contain blue foil. ...

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