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Hello, my name is Ellen Janelle .  I have been involved in the customer service arena for most of my life.  I enjoyed art early and in my life and attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, N.Y.  I majored in Interior Design & minored in Photography.  I’ve been involved in customer service in various fields during my entire career as I love interacting with customers and clients.

I have always loved jewelry and got involved in making hand-crafted beaded jewelry starting in the late 90’s.  Once 2002 rolled around, I moved from the metropolitan area of D.C. to the Eastern Shore in Delaware.  I finally decided to start selling trendy fashion jewelry in 2007 at home parties and craft fairs. Now that I’m on the internet, I hope to bring my creations to those who share my joy using the best accessory a woman could want for her wardrobe.

As a vintage and historic home specialist while I sold Real Estate, I grew to love exploring antique shops, and was drawn toward estate and vintage pieces.  I’ve collected large assortments of beads and findings dating as far back as circa 1982!  I use 14kt, 14kt G.F., Sterling Silver, Silver plate, Copper and some Pewter.   I hand-knot each piece and you can be assured that each piece is one-of-a-kind.

On the price tag you’ll find the information and background of the piece with its OWN TITLE. By hand-knotting the piece, it will lay much nicer on your neck or wrist. It will even present itself as a possible heirloom to pass down to family members.  If you have heirloom pieces such as cameos or pendants, I can incorporate them into a new piece for a necklace set.

If an artisan jewelry piece centered around a theme such as political, religion, sports, etc. is something that you would like to consider, send me an email to start the process.

If you have metal allergies, I can apply a treatment to pierced earrings to allow you to wear any metal.  I will be glad to apply it to silver, copper and pewter, etc. except 14kt gold (which doesn’t need it.)  Just let me know in an email.

When you buy a custom hand-beaded/knotted necklace about 60% of them will include re-purposed vintage beads taken from Antique store old necklaces and/or bracelets. I have removed the good beads and have recreated a new piece that would also include new modern beads and findings (in 14kt, 14kt gold-filled or plated, Sterling Silver or silver-plate, Copper, Brass and in some cases Pewter). I can provide an allergy preventive coating treatment for earrings for all but 14kt. Please email me to assure that this is necessary for your ears.