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  • Front view of French Barrette
    $18.00 $14.00 Bling Crystal Bow French Hair Clip or Barrette
    This pretty Bling hair jewelry is either a French Hair Clip of what I would call a Barrette.  Long hair may be held up in dos such as a ponytail as this accessory has a dual clamping mechanism.  The length measures...

  • Front view of Butterfly in flight mode on hand model
    $20.00 $16.00 Bling Bronze Crystal Butterfly Pony Tail Holder
    Rarely do I see hair "jewelry" this unique and dramatic!  Here is a lovely Bronze Crystal Butterfly pony tail holder w/clear crystals for it's rear section of the body and AB crystals for front part of the body...

  • Front view of Crystal pony tail holder on hand model
    $18.00 $14.00 Bling Clear Crystal Pony Tail holder on gold metal base
    This Bling Clear Crystal pony tail holder is shaped with a half round metal gold base that has two rows oblong pointed crystals.  The black cord is woven and will last a long time.  The holder measures 2-1/8"...

  • Full front view of Crystal holder
    $20.00 $16.00 Choose Options Bling trendy Crystal Flower Pony Tail Holder in 2 color choices
    Here is a very elegant trendy Bronze or clear colored Crystal Flower large Pony tail holder!  It measures 2- 1/8" square and has a substantial black woven cord to last a long time.  Please be care to cover it when...

  • Full view of pony tail holder on hand model
    $14.00 $12.00 Bling Rose "Belt Buckle" style Crystal Pony Tail Holder
    This pretty Bling Rose Crystal pony tail holder is made to look like a "belt buckle"!   It is made of plastic with real pink crystals.  The band is a substantial woven black cord.  It will last and last as the...

  • Front view from hand model
    $14.00 $12.00 Bling Pearl & Crystal Heart -Shaped Pony Tail Holder
    This lovely Pearl and Clear Crystal Heart shaped pony tail holder measures 1- 1/4" high x 1- 1/2" wide.  It has a nice sturdy gold metal base and a thick woven black "rubber" band that may be looped twice for your hair...

  • 3/4 front view of clip
    $25.00 $20.00 Choose Options Bling Swarovski Crystal Embellished Hair Red Jaw Clip w/ Gold Center
    Here is another version of the plain hair jaw clip that has been custom embellished with Swarovski crystals (choice of colors).  This hair clip is unique and can be used for the best of occassions!  Please use the...

  • 3/4 of Black jaw clip (crystals are alternated w/clear and Lt. topaz)
    $25.00 $20.00 Choose Options Bling Swarovski Crystal Embellished Black metallic Hair Jaw Clip w/ Gold Center
    This hair jaw clip has Bling Swarovski Crystals custom embellished on a Black plastic metallic frame with a gold metal center!  You have a choice of crystals colors, but the supply is limited on this one.  Check...

  • Full view of Crystal Starburst
    $24.00 $19.00 Bling Starburst Crystal Pony Tail Holder French Barrett
    Here is a fabulous Clear Crystal Starburst designed Pony tail French Barrett that will really hold your pony tail up or down without it getting loose.  It has a second pressure bar that is hidden within the barrett that...

  • Full front view of hair jaw claw clip
    $30.00 $25.00 Bling Solid AB Crystals on Black Hair Jaw Clip
    Here is an eye catching solid array of AB crystals on a black hair jaw clip!  In the sunlight it is breath-taking!  It is also applied to both side of the pinch handles!  It should be considered to be all you...

  • Red version( Great for Valentine's Day)
    $24.00 $20.00 Bling Red Crystal Curved Rectangular Pony Tail Holder
    Here is a lovely curved Red Crystal dressy Pony tail holder that is great for dressy or casual outfits!  It is very expandible for any size lock of hair!  The Red color is unusual and will be great especially for...

  • Front view
    $22.00 $18.00 Bling Pearl and Rhinestone Pony Tail Holder
    Here is a lovely demure but exciting pony tail accessory that is great for daily wear, but also perfect for the bride and bridal party!  It measures 2" wide and 1" high.  The pearls are bright and the crystals are...

  • Pretty 3/4 view of Peach faceted Acrylic "stones"
    $25.00 $22.00 Bling Peach faceted Acrylic and Rhinestone Large Hair Jaw Clip
    Here is a lovely Bling Peach faceted Acrylic Stone and Rhinestone large Hair Jaw Clip.  It measures 3.5" long x 1.5" high and is very well made!  Each side has two 3 rows on top and bottom on BOTH sides of the clip...

  • 3/4 front of transparent purple clip
    $14.00 $10.00 Choose Options Bling Jumbo Jaw Clip for thick hair
    Here is the answer for gals that have so much hair that sometimes it is so hard to fit inside the regular jar clip.  This pretty transparent purple or solid black jaw clip is made specifically for thick hair when you...

  • Full view showing large crystal in Clear, and small ones in Jet Black Swarovski
    $28.00 $22.00 Choose Options Bling Ivory Colored Two-toned Crystal Jaw Hair Clips
    This Ivory-colored jaw hair clip lends itself to a 2-toned Swarovski crystal custom vertical design!  I have made it possible for you to choose smaller or larger crystal colors to change the look to your requirements...

  • Front 3/4 view of Peach jaw clip
    $24.00 $20.00 Choose Options Bling Gold metal Floral/Crystal medium hair jaw clip
    Here is a sturdy gold metal hair jaw clip that lends itself to almost any occasion.  The flower design has a well made acrylic touch and the crystals are all over the open weave metal including the pinch top handles...

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