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This page is a sevice providing to you complimentary sites that are both informative  and VERY useful in helping you with planning the look of that special diamond ring OR if you have extra old jewelry that can be helpful in getting that extra cash FOR THE HIGHEST AMOUNT ANYWHERE!
I've done the research!

This lovely website is very informative for anyone who is getting engaged or is looking to replace loose diamonds.  It tells you all the facts about what to look for in the entire process!  Good Luck!




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This incredible site pays MORE than anyone else, period!  They tell you up front, on every page (daily) what they are paying (even breaking down prices by grades) 24kt down to 10kt gold.  They even pay for bullion troy oz.bars of gold and silver. Since they are NOT refiners, your jewelry,(even scrap) is NOT melted down.  Instead it is sold as-is to private investors and collectors. This company is a  precious metal broker that work exclusively with private clients. No wonder that they can beat the pawn shop, jeweler or refiner's quotations!  Check them out I know you'll be pleasantly surprised!