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  • Full view of necklace set
    $75.00 $65.00 Twenty-One -22"
    The game of chance using a deck of cards is portrayed in this themed hand-beaded & hand knotted necklace set using large 20mm red foil heart glass beads, black matte 9x10mm edged diamond-shaped disks, 11mm white M.O.P...

  • Full view of necklace
    $99.00 $85.00 Let 'Um Roll -19" necklace w/ watch!
    Ladies, if you like to toss the dice occasionally at the Casinos here is a lovely whimsical way to "address" your Lady Luck mindset!  Here is a hand beaded & hand knotted necklace and bracelet watch that have large...

  • Full view of necklace
    $69.00 $55.00 Tart Cherries- 19"
    This nifty 19-1/2" necklace is so whimsical and sparkly that I could hardly stand it when I found the twin cherry pendant overloaded with crystal accents!   Red "Lantern 8mm glass beads and 5mm crystal bicone...

  • Full view of necklace set
    $89.00 $79.00 Tee Time- 20"
    Golfers-  here is an elegant yet fun golf-themed hand-knotted necklace that has 16mm Blue swirl Agate with a surface much like a golf ball!  It has 10mm blue faceted Chinese crystal accents and a Satin finish...

  • 3/4 view of Soccer pin
    $18.00 $14.00 Bling Soccer Ball Swarovski Crystal Eyeglass Holder Pin
    Hey Soccer Moms, "peanut gallery" and female sport athletes who excel in the love of the game, here is a way to express your fondness for Soccer by using it as an convenient eyeglass holder pin!  Simply slip your...

  • Full view of necklace set
    $85.00 $69.00 Lady Luck -30"
    Ladies, do you like or know someone who loves to gamble, play cards and toss in some chips onto the game board?  Well here is a game themed jewelry set that sports that idea.  Green faceted glass rounds (18mm),...

  • Front view with detail of AB Crystals
    $15.00 $12.00 Choose Options Bling Golf Club Reader Pin
    Hey lady Golfers!  If you have readers and/or sunglasses and need to put them off and on but don't want to wear a chain around your neck, wear this stylish Bling Golf Club pins for your specs!  They have...

  • Full view of necklace
    $85.00 $69.00 Let's Play Cards! 26"
    This 26" hand beaded & knotted necklace, conversation piece shouts out that the wearer LOVES to play cards!  Hey, you might just get a Bridge or Gin Rummy group formed just by wearing it!  It has real bone hand...

  • Full 22" necklace set
    $95.00 $85.00 Bridge Anyone,#2 ? (22")
    Here is a wonderfully whimsical 22" hand beaded & hand knotted necklace with unusual hand-painted bone tiles to mimic a bevy of 17 x 25mm playing cards.  Heavy Hematite 8mm rounds with red glass 6mm rounds help...