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Jewelry Care


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I am so glad that younewjewelrycarepage-element24.jpg have selected one or more of my creations!  I took great care in finding the collective components to reflect your style.  Since your piece is most certainly hand-knotted, please keep care not to get it wet.  don't forget to remove your jewelry prior to activities such as swimming or showering, etc.  The silk or nylon thread although strong, will break down over time if exposed to extremes.

1. Give it some space.-Unless you have sufficient room in your jewelry armoire or container, it would be a good idea to keep it in the zip-lock bag that it came in. You will also want to keep the description "price tag" for obvious reasons.  Various stones and metals may scratch each other when rubbing against each other.

2. If there is a clasp, (while in storage), fasten it to keep it from tangling or hanging up on something.

3. When grooming, various lotions and potions can be harmful to jewelry.  A few include: hair spray, mousse, body lotion, moisturizer, perfume, make-up, shaving cream and soap.  These can leave residue on your piece, creating a dull film that is especially hard to remove from the beads and metals. Thankfully most manufacturers of semi-precious porous stones Stabilize their beads which keeps the stone from darkening or staining.  Nevertheless, if perspiration does leave a residue or buildup, take a DAMP cloth and wipe it away.


4. Remove your jewelry when you think that you'll be doing work that involves high activity. Jewelry doesn't work very well also with household chores for example. You never know if chemicals such as bleach will splash.  Also bending over and other activities may snag and break jewelry, especially when working with tools.

5. When cleaning your jewelry, use a soft gentle cloth.  If you have bought a sterling silver piece that isn't plasti-coated to keep it from tarnishing, you may want to purchase a Jeweler's Polishing Cloth that when rubbed will remove any tarnish build up.
Polishing Cloths are available for sale where the catagory selections are listed.

Again, (especially for silver) it is a great idea to keep your piece in a zip-locked bag as it will retard most moisture buildup and tarnish.  If needed, as a last resort, take a cotton swab and dab the silver bead individually w/an anti-tarnish liquid.  Then wash with water immediately (ALSO WITH A COTTON SWAB-NOT UNDER THE FACUET). Then dry, dry, dry with a soft cloth.

Enjoy your one of a kind, custom piece(s) and they will last you a long time to become heirloom valued pieces in the future!