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  • Full front view of set
    $160.00 $130.00 Abalone Reflections 22"
    Gals, here is a wonderful intricate and unusual highly ornate custom hand beaded & knotted necklace set using Abalone and Mother of Pearl beads. Large 16mm mosaic rounds, 16mm square disks with inserts of the above...

  • 3/4 view of pink/gray sunglasses
    $20.00 $15.00 Choose Options Bling "Designer Liz Claiborne" Sunglasses/Pink & Gray
    Here is an unusual pair of transparent pink & gray "Designer Liz Claiborne" sunglasses that will look great on dark-haired gals.  They have a lovely flow to them and also look great with the pink and gold hard case...

  • 3/4 frontal view
    $35.00 $28.00 Choose Options Bling Custom AB Swarovski Bi-focal Safety Sunglasses
    Here is a pair of sunglasses with many goodies all rolled into one!  You'll get the "bling" factor, wrap around the eye safety type protection, AND nice sunglasses (going from dark into light at the bottom of the...

  • Another detail of face
    $30.00 $26.00 Bling Snowflake CZ Aluminized Rubber Finish Bangle Watch w/ spring hinge-Siver pearl finish
    I just can't seem to photographicly capture the beauty of the Snowflake design on the face of this watch.  The watch face measures 38mm (1 3/8").  The bangle style is made of Aluminized Rubber Finish and has a...

  • Close up on hand model
    $18.00 $12.00 Bling Swarovksi Jet Black and Gray Crystals accents Adjustable Ring
    Here is a lovely crystal adjustable metal casting jet black crystal ring with gray crystal accents that matches several other products on the site.  It measures 1" square and is very comforatable.  It certainly...

  • Full view of necklace set
    $115.00 $85.00 Business Black 20"
    This high quality necklace set has 16mm AAA grade faceted Onyx rounds inside of Onyx rings, 4mm Onyx spacers, 25mm Sardonyx striped "pillow" squares, 12mm Sardonyx faceted rounds all with Sterling Silver findings...

  • Close up view of watch face
    $18.00 Camouflage Bling Crystal Face Watch in "Urban Gray"
    This "Urban Camo" Geneva Platimum Bling watch has a Czech crystal framed round face w/Camouflage patterns in multi-tones of gray!  The Silicone (20mm) patterned band also takes on the "Urban" theme!  It has bold...

  • Side View of Beanie
    $14.00 $12.00 Camouflage Pom Pom Knitted Beanie Hat-Black/Gray
    Here is a playful "Camo" knitted beanie hat for winter activities!  A huge Pom Pom adorns the top and the body of the beanie is also black.  There is a doubled knitted layer which allows for the pretty "Urban Camo"...

  • Front view of unisex camo watch
    $33.00 $25.00 Choose Options Camouflage Unisex "Dress Blues" or "Urban" Grey/Black Military Band Watch
    Here is a man's watch (that may lend itself as a unisex type) "Dress blues" military camo band with a faux 3-zone face.  The  large face is 1 3/4" wide (not including the buttons).  The minute and hour hands...

  • Other view of color choices
    $8.00 $5.00 Choose Options Camouflage Wallets in 3 color choices
    Here are 3 color Camouflage nylon wallets to take along with you when you are out in a field, or just want to add them as an accessory to your camouflage wardrobe!  The "Dress blues" (navy,blue & gray), "Army green"...

  • Front 3/4 views of both palettes in gray
    $14.00 $12.00 Choose Options Camouflage Wayfarer Style Sunglasses- in 2 Gray color palettes of "Urban Camo".
    Here are two gray palettes of the "Urban Camouflage" style on a Wayfarer framed pair of Sunglasses as part of the trendy "Camo" patterns being worn today!  There is a light more contrasty gray theme and then one that is...

  • Full view of Vintage beads in recycled new necklace set!
    $99.00 $69.00 Canadian Sunset (26")
    I found some unusual vintage (circa 1930) Old German pink/gray twisted glass beads that looked quite unique.  I decided to compliment them with 7mm gray shell pearls that looked "Tahitian", and introduced some 4mm...

  • Pink camouflage version front view
    $50.00 $45.00 Choose Options Custom Sized knitted Camouflage Unisex Dickey in choice of 4 colors
    Here is a designer-look custom sized knitted Camo Dickey in your choice of colors!  Choose small, medium or large sizes in a unisex design.  Medium cowl neck goes from exterior 19" neckline (non-stretched to 23.5"...

  • Full view of necklace
    $105.00 $89.00 Fog Over the Pumpkin Patch (23")
    Rare and unusual gray and orange combination Botswana Agate in a random rounded square cut disks, offset with Octagonal cut Lantern luster gray crystal 8mm rounds.  Accented in Sterling Silver for the spring ring...

  • Full view of necklace set
    $69.00 $59.00 Gray Peacock 20"
    This 20" hand beaded & hand knotted necklace set has gray peacock 14mm FWP Coin beads, vintage gray 9mm AB crystals and vintage 15mm Japanese oblong hand-painted glass.  White Mother of Pearl oblong spacers act as...

  • Front view of face
    $30.00 $26.00 Inspirational Unisex Urban Camouflage Military Nato strap watch
    This Inspirational Urban Camouflage Unisex Quartz Watch measures in width 38mm (1-7/16") on the face.  The fabric strap is long enough for any man's wrist and is 20mm in width.  The face isn't too big for a lady's...

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