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  • Full view of set
    $65.00 $55.00 A Forest of Branch Coral 22" - Howlite Necklace set
    When you are looking for a Trendy hot red color for a jewelry accessory for your wardrobe, you may want to consider this custom hand beaded & knotted necklace set made with 20mm red dyed Howlite round disks and 10mm...

  • Bracelet on hand model
    $25.00 $20.00 Choose Options Anchor & Ship's Wheel Enamel Stretch Bracelet
    This cute enamel stretch bracelet has a Ship's wheel and Anchor accented w/gold.  The choice of colors are either mint or black.  The medallions are flattering and slip on easily.  If you like these, they also...

  • Full view of 21" necklace
    $89.00 $75.00 Aqua Nautilus 21"
    This fun 21" trendy hand beaded & knotted custom aqua multi-shaped glass necklace has also carved 15mm Turquoise (reconstituted) rounds and dyed Howlite 10mm beads.The glass Nautilus shell pendant measures 42mm. A large...

  • Front view of toe ring w/charm
    $10.00 $6.00 Choose Options Bling Crystal Toe Ring w/Flower Charm in 10 color choices
    Feel comfortable while having your feet looking fabulous is this Bling Crystal dainty stretchable toe ring with a pretty crystal flower charm.  Most of these colors match the crystal anklets also on the site. ...

  • Front and top showing cupcake motif
    $20.00 $16.00 Bling Cupcake & polka dot motif Clamshell Sunglasses Case
    Here is a fun and unique "cup cake w/polka dots" sweet design on this clamshell hard sunglasses case for over-sized eye fashions.  Genuine Swarovski clear crystals adorn the center to act as a grabber feature using...

  • Front view on wrist
    $22.00 $18.00 Bling Gold-tone stretchable Sunglasses Design Bracelet
    Here is a whimsical Sunglasses design for a trendy bracelet!  It has dark cats eye styled sunglasses on a stretchable bracelet that will look great any time of year!  Because it is neutral you'll be able to wear it...

  • View of all color choices
    $8.00 $5.00 Choose Options Bling Stretchable Crystal Toe Rings
    Here are 6 substantial lovely prong set crystal stretchable toe rings that have gold-plated, silver-plated and rhodium-plated settings that have various crystal choices in Garnet, Lite Topaz, Clear and AB Crystals, Jet Black...

  • Full Set of 20" necklace
    $150.00 $119.00 Blister Pearl Elegance (20")
    Here is an unusual 20" Fresh Water Pearl hand-beaded & hand knotted necklace set that has 8 x 18mm rectangular pearls and diamond-shaped 8mm Fresh Water Pearls. To offset the strand is a pretty Blister Pearl-shaped...

  • Full view of Vintage beads in recycled new necklace set!
    $99.00 $69.00 Canadian Sunset (26")
    I found some unusual vintage (circa 1930) Old German pink/gray twisted glass beads that looked quite unique.  I decided to compliment them with 7mm gray shell pearls that looked "Tahitian", and introduced some 4mm...

  • Full view of Shell necklace set
    $55.00 $45.00 Champagne with Chocolate Sea Shells - 19.5"
    Here is a 19 1/2" custom hand beaded & hand knotted necklace set of large glass "pearls" in 10 & 12mm sizes in both Champagne and Brown tones.  The Pendant matches them exactly and displays a whimsical "lacy"...

  • Trendy and fun nugget necklace
    $59.00 $49.00 Cherry and Mint Confections (22")
    For those who like bold statements especially ones that are new and will set a trend, comes this 22" hand beaded & hand knotted impressive multi-dyed Magnesite stone, shaped in 25mm nuggets.  Key lime 8mm Fresh...

  • Full front view of necklace set
    $69.00 $49.00 Cherry Blossom Festival (22")
    Here is a 22" hand beaded & hand knotted fun-fill assortment of Dark reddish-pink shaved 22 x 30mm oval shell beads.   10mm similar rounds are also included.   For small accents, 3mm cherry glass...

  • Full view of necklace set
    $35.00 $29.00 Cherry Woods - 25"
    If you require super light-weight jewelry this is the necklace set for you!  It is hand beaded & hand knotted with blond and rich dark brown tones of wood and displays a large 23mm the pendant bead with pink rings...

  • Full front view of necklace set
    $200.00 $170.00 Coastal Birds (20")
    Deep "Lapis" color vintage porcelain 8mm blue beads creates a basis for this unusual custom 20" hand beaded & hand knotted necklace. The 42 x 58mm large vintage (circa 1950) Cloisonne Pendant was a nice find from which I...

  • Full Front view of necklace set
    $59.00 $49.00 Coastal Grasses (22")
    I found some interesting glass "shell" shaped beads that looked very similar to the Unikite gemstone.   So I added 10 & 12mm round beads to expound on the look.  Vintage (1930) 4mm orange spacers offered a...

  • Full view of Sea Horse necklace
    $79.00 $69.00 Dancing Rhinestone Sea Horse - 22"
    Gals, here is a sparkly Sea Horse as a pendant (1.5") for this Satin Silver matte hand beaded & hand knotted necklace set.  The high quality white fresh water pearls (8mm), are accented with 15mm AB oval faceted...

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