Apocalyptic Gems
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Apocalyptic Gems


dsc-0588.jpg1st foundation - Jasper: (the truth of faith) a common, opaque semi-precious stone which is sometimes speckled or striped in various colors.  One type in prarticular is this A grade  Bloodstone Jasper.  The properties of this stone are predominately green with red spots.  One story passed down in the ages is that the red formed when drops of Christ's blood landed on green jasper that was at the foot of the Cross!


dsc-0572.jpg2nd foundation - Sapphire: (the height of celestial hope) a clear hard type of corundum usually in the blue (A grade) Lapis Lazuli color hues the Hebrew sacredness of this stone was believed traditionally to be the tablets from which the TEN COMMANDMENTS were engraved by the LORD that Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai during the Exodus of the Jewish People.


dsc-0574.jpg3rd foundation - Chalcedony: Blue Chalcedony (the flame of inner charity) a type of quartz that is comprised of minute-crystals. It is believed that the stone possesses the ability for the bearer to have increased intellect and creativity!



dsc-0793-op-640x597.jpg4th foundation- Emerald: ( the strength of faith in adversity) A well known and coveted valuable and very beautiful green stone, the Emerald in ancient days symbolized Springtime, a time of re-birth and love.



dsc-0646.jpg5th foundation- Sardonyx: ( The humility of the saints in spite of their virtues) Commonly known now as Onyx, this stone can have not only a solid black color, but gray, brown and white.  Another layer of red-brown is from the mineral (Sard) which the two make this semi-precious stone believed to bring the balance between heaven and earth.


dsc-0583.jpg6th foundation -Sardius:  ( The venerable blood of the Martyrs) A beautiful translucent and hard orangish red quartz known today as this (A grade) Carnelian.  It is thought to have fine proerties to bring much joy to the human spirit where a more loving attitude and sense of well being is achieved thereby prmoting general all around good health emotionally and physically.


dsc-0611.jpg7th foundation- Chrysolite: old stone name (True spiritual preaching accompanied by miracles)  Also could be a stone called Olivine now commonly known as Peridot.  On the Bridal bracelet it was unusually hard to find any of these stones any larger than a 5-6mm size.


dsc-0574.jpg8th foundation - Beryl: ( Perfect operation of prophecy) Usually referred to as an ( A grade) Aquamarine. This stone was believed to increase courage and strength bringing good fortune overall.


dsc-0584.jpg9th foundation- Topaz- (The ardent contemplation of prophecy) Usually commonly seen in warm brown or delightful blues like the sky.  Prized by Romans to be associated with Jupiter (god of the Sun).  It is believed to bring the bearer to be clear-sighted and cure other health issues. This ( A grade ) Citrine is also represented as shown.


dsc-0568.jpg10th  foundation- Chrysoprase: (The work of blessed martyrs and their rewards).  Also known as Australian Jade with a color similar to the Granny Smith Apple green   color. (This stone is a ( B grade)  Chrysoprase due to prohibitive cost . It is thought to combine the knowledge of one's spirit and physical self.  To know that God wants you to love yourself in body and spirit as  He loves you!


dsc-0609.jpg11th  foundation -- Jacinth: ( The celestial rapture of the learned in their high thoughts and humble descent to human things out of regard for the weak.)  Also known as Zircon or Hyacinth.  Hyacinth is usually shown as a orangish crystal, not a stone. The Zircon  is a stone of purity and innocence as in its' purist form, it is colorless and has intense fire and light (sometimes used in place of a Diamond.  It however can be found in a variety of colors including beautiful light blues.  This is the ONLY genuine Jacinth stone that I could find to purchase.  It is a very rare stone that took me weeks to find.


dsc-0610.jpg12th  foundation --Amethyst: ( The constant thought of the heavenly kingdom in humble souls)  Well known for its purple and violet color, Amethyst has been also coveted to reflect the color of royalty esecially by the Egyptians.  It is believed to increase intuition and mental clarity in oneself and in others.