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  • Zebra, Leopard, Giraffe and Tiger pattern hinged
    $35.00 $28.00 Choose Options Animal Print hinged Quartz Bangle Watches (4 styles)
    Here are some really nice Animal Print hinged Bangle Quartz Watches with Giraffe, Tiger, Zebra and Leopard jungle prints!  The watch section measures 1 -3/8" in diameter and the face is 5/8".  The watch band is...

  • All-around view of chain link bracelet watch
    $35.00 $28.00 Black Glossy metal chain link Crystal round face Watch
    Here is a unique dressy or casual watch.  It has a glossy black metal chain link watch with a crystal round face.  It also has a black metal heart charm to make it interesting!  An extra battery is included,...

  • Bling Gold Rhinestone Bangle Watch
    $45.00 $35.00 Bling Gold Rhinestone Bangle Watch
    Gals, you can tell how much I like "Bling" and flashy goodies, so here is a lovely substantial gold-toned bangle watch that will bring a lot of compliments!  It is a beautiful rhinestone embellished timepiece that will...

  • Close up view of watch face and lacy band
    $35.00 $28.00 Bling Lacy Black metal Quartz Bracelet Watch
    Here is a unique lacy watch that is all black metal.  In fact there are many necklaces and accessories that are using black metal that are provided on this site to each other!  This watch is stretchable. The band...

  • Full face view of pink bangle watch
    $35.00 $25.00 Bling Pink Crystal Fashion Bangle Quartz Watch
    Here is a delightful silver-toned hinged bangle watch that has a pink mother of pearl design around the the watch face and is enhanced with pink Swarovski crystals that I've added for that special Bling sparkle!  The...

  • Front View and Detailed
    $20.00 $18.00 Bling Quartz Crystal Watch w/Round Herringbone Face and Black Silicone strap
    Here is another Bling Quartz Crystal Watch with Herringbone pattern on a Black silicone strap!  The round face is 38mm (1.5" in diameter).  The silicone strap at it's widest measures 21mm (3/4").  The back of...

  • Another detail of face
    $30.00 $26.00 Bling Snowflake CZ Aluminized Rubber Finish Bangle Watch w/ spring hinge-Siver pearl finish
    I just can't seem to photographicly capture the beauty of the Snowflake design on the face of this watch.  The watch face measures 38mm (1 3/8").  The bangle style is made of Aluminized Rubber Finish and has a...

  • Front as shown on hand model
    $20.00 $18.00 Bling White quartz watch with Crystal Herringbone Square face and Silicone band
    The pretty yet unusal Bling Crystal quartz watch with a Herringbone square face has a silicone rubber strap.  It's face measures 37mm (1-7/16th") and it's band at it's widest measures 21mm wide (5/8").  The numbers...

  • 3/4 Front view
    $28.00 $25.00 Camo, Trendy, Men's/Unisex Watch, with Camo face & Silicone multi-colored strap
    Here is an impressive Men's (Unisex) Jumbo faced Camouflage well made watch!  The silicone carved strap has Chocolate brown, Army green, pale Olive green and gray.  The face uses the 12 and the 6 in numerals and...

  • Front view
    $28.00 $25.00 Camouflage and Trendy "Rural" yellow/brown Multi-color Military Quartz Wrist Watch
    This unique Camouflage watch has a simple design on the face in a nice chocolate brown.  The Nato "Rural"strap comes in yellow, brown, gray and white colors.  It is a unisex style and for woman's wrists the length...

  • Front view of watch
    $25.00 Camouflage and Trendy Multi-color Quartz wrist watch
    This unique handsome watch still has it's own kind of sparkle!  It is a unisex style watch as the band is made for a man's wrist, however it can be trimmed to shorten for smaller wrists.  It is 10.5" in total...

  • Close up view of watch face
    $18.00 Camouflage Bling Crystal Face Watch in "Urban Gray"
    This "Urban Camo" Geneva Platimum Bling watch has a Czech crystal framed round face w/Camouflage patterns in multi-tones of gray!  The Silicone (20mm) patterned band also takes on the "Urban" theme!  It has bold...

  • Close up view of watch face
    $20.00 $18.00 Camouflage Bling Crystal Face Watch in Green
    This Camouflage Quartz movement woman's watch is made by Geneva.  It has a Platinum Czech crystal frame face with a Army green, Taupe and medium Beige colored pattern.  The Silicone strap also has a multi-colored...

  • Detail of full view of watch
    $25.00 $20.00 Camouflage Bling Quartz Watch w/Crystals onGold metal frame,Silicone strap,Water Resistant
    Here is another Camouflage Bling Watch, however the crystals are set in a gold round metal frame!  The face measures 38mm (1- 5/16") and has gold metal numbers and watch hands.  The multi-color Silicone band has...

  • Front view showing face details
    $22.00 $18.00 Camouflage Marine Blue Military Quartz Watch w/ Silicone band
    Here is a unique Camouflage watch due to it's coloway!  This goes great with any of the "Dress Blues" camo accessories!  The silicone watch band is multi-colored in shades of blue.  The hour and minute hands...

  • Front view of unisex camo watch
    $33.00 $25.00 Choose Options Camouflage Unisex "Dress Blues" or "Urban" Grey/Black Military Band Watch
    Here is a man's watch (that may lend itself as a unisex type) "Dress blues" military camo band with a faux 3-zone face.  The  large face is 1 3/4" wide (not including the buttons).  The minute and hour hands...

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