Twelve Apostles
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Twelve Apostles


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In 2 Peter verse 14, the twelve foundation stones each had the names of the twelve Apostles of the Lamb of God. (the sacrifical name of Christ!) In this way the Lord is identifying both old and new covenants together for the sake of unity in Heaven!
In first-century Judaism, religious leaders received their training through a well defined system.  Recognized rabbis attracted disciples, who lived and studied with them.  The goal of discipleship was that the learner knew, but also became like him in piety. (Luke 6:40) The people of  Jesus' time were amazed when Christ began to teach, for He displayed learning"without having studied" with a rabbi in this traditional manner. (John 7:15) This designation "Disciple" became obsolete once their divine teacher ascended to heaven.





 INRI- is an acronym of Latin:  
  (Jesus, Nazarenus, Rex,Judaeorum) translates to English:
     Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews



000802-c888-0040-csls.jpg          1. Simon (aka Peter)
          2. James - son of Zebede and his brother
          3. John (aka Boanerges, which means Sons of  Thunder)
          4. Andrew
          5. Phillip
          6. Bartholomew
          7. Matthew
          8. Thomas
          9. James - son of Alphaeus
          10. Thaddaeus
          11. Simon - the Zealot
          12. Judas Iscariot - who betrayed Him (Mark 3:16-19)

  In the tradition of the time, these 12 disciples literally lived with Jesus.  They traveled with Him, watched all He did, and listened to all He said. When Christ was finished with 
a day of public ministry, He taught His disciples privately, asking them questions and explainingwhat they had observed.