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  • Full length includes earrings
    $75.00 $55.00 A Believer's Sign of Love 22" -Hematite Necklace Set
    There are various shapes and sizes of the Hematite stone with this custom hand beaded and knotted 22" necklace set using 8mm cubes, heart disks, 12mm rings and 14mm frames that have white fresh water pearls threaded within...

  • Full view of 19" necklace set
    $55.00 $49.00 A Sign for Easter 19" -AB Glass Necklace Set
    Gals, here is a beautiful hand beaded & knotted necklace set with a main theme of the Christian Cross.  The treated AB Cross Glass beads and Pendant create a rainbow of light and colors which make this very...

  • Full view of necklace set
    $115.00 $95.00 At Peace with Him 24" - Carnelian & Vintage Glass necklace set
    This Carnelian 24" hand beaded & knotted Cross Pendant necklace and earrings have delicate twisted disks with clear to dark patterns as if tea was diluted within a glass. Vintage faceted amber and cognac colored glass...

  • Bling Angel Wing Rhinestone Drop Earrings
    $15.00 $12.00 Bling Angel Wing Rhinestone Drop Earrings
    Gals if crystal/gold Angel Wing earrings is all you need to complete an outfit, here is a lovely choice.  The wing measurement is 1.5" long and is lead and other components compliant in safety regulations.  They...

  • Front view of AB crystal winged heart bracelet
    $30.00 $24.00 Bling Angel Winged AB crystal Heart Bracelet
    Here is an "over the top" gorgeous Freedom Angel Winged bracelet that is heavily gold-plated, measures 1  1/2" across with huge AB crystals studded in the center of the piece in the shape of a heart (and then...

  • Bling Crystal Accent Angel Wing Earrings
    $12.00 $9.00 Bling Crystal Accent Angel Wing Earrings
    Here are some graceful and trendy Angel wings that are accented along the bottom edge of the wing as well as the top (with Austrian Crystals) connecting the area for the French fish hook wires.  They measure about...

  • Large ring best worn on middle finger
    $25.00 $19.00 Bling Fleur de Lis Crystal & Gold Trendy Ring
    Here is a huge sparkler that is to die for!  There is a gold Fleur de Lis motif sitting on top of a faceted crystal that is surrounded with crystals at it's base!  The adjustable band makes it easy to slip it on...

  • Frontal view of Cuff Bracelet w/ AB crystals
    $25.00 $20.00 Bling Fleur de Lis AB Crystal Cuff Bracelet
    Here is a fabulous AB Crystal "Bling"silver toned cuff bracelet that displays a striking 2" height Fleur de Lis design on a hinged open band that is comfortable to wear!  It lends itself to almost any event and...

  • Front view
    $18.00 $16.00 Bling Fleur de Lis Black Enamel Stretch Designer Bracelet
    Nifty Gold accented black enameled Fleur de Lis stretch bracelet is an extra special fashion accessory.  It also has a matching ring and both are very comfortable to wear.  A nice neutral alternative providing lots...

  • Full view on hand model
    $15.00 $10.00 Bling Fleur de Lis Black Enamel stretch Oval Ring
    Here is a very nice Oval Black enamel ring w/ a Fleur de Lis design.  It is comfortable to wear on ANY finger due to its stretch design.  You should check out the matching bracelet--what a...

  • Front view on hand model
    $12.00 $8.00 Bling Fleur de Lis Gold tone Rhinestone Ring
    Here is a wonderful gold-toned Bling ring with a Fleur de Lis design.  The rhinestones have a champagne color and it really sparkles nicely on the hand.  It measures 1"h x 1"w and is nickle and lead compliant...

  • Full view of Noah's Ark pin w/ Teal crystals
    $18.00 $14.00 Choose Options Bling Noah's Ark Crystal Eyeglass Holder Pin
    Ladies, here is a whimsical "Bling" Biblical Noah's Ark Swarovski Crystal enhanced Eyeglass Holder Pin.  I have custom crystal Readers and Sunglasses on this site that you can request matching crystals for your bling...

  • Angel Reader pin
    $12.00 $8.00 Bling Singing Angel Reader Holder Pin
    For those who like dainty things, here is a Bling Singing Angel to be used as an eyeglass/Reader holder pin.  She has a halo, spread wings rhinestone gown and is holding a book of hymns.  You won't be misplacing...

  • Full Photo of Bridal Bracelet of Heaven (all different gemstones incl. 14kt gold
    $65.00 $48.00 Choose Options Bridal Bracelet of Heaven
    This bracelet is custom made and hand-knotted. It will be produced for those people who want to honor the Lord for daily wear, or to delight a new "Bride to be"! It measures 8.5", 8", 7.75" and 7.5" in length. (Please note...

  • Full view of watch and bangle design
    $35.00 $29.00 Christian Cross two-toned heart face bangle watch
    Ladies, here is a lovely nicely priced Christian Cross/Heart face bangle styled quartz movement watch that has a gold-tone and silver-tone finish to give that extra design touch that makes it a lovely anytime watch to wear...

  • Full view of necklace F.W.P necklace set
    $85.00 $65.00 Christian Pearls 22"
    This 22" hand beaded & hand knotted Fresh Water Pearl necklace is made with "coin" and Christian "cross" shapes that are delicately accented with vintage (1940) clear crystal bi-cone beads.  The clasp is a Sterling...

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