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God created angels before He made the material universe.  Immortal, they neither die nor marry. They are messengers from God! They have been described as "ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation". (Heb.1:14)






For generations Jewish children have been taught this 000803-1081-8270-osls.jpg
night time prayer!

In the name of the Lord, the God of Israel !
May Michael be at my right hand
and Gabriel at my left,
Before me Uriel and
Behind me Raphael,
and above my head








 010309-0800-3238-nsls.jpgAngels can be categorized by character. Good angels have remained faithful to God.
Their character is reflected in names such as
"heavenly beings" and "holy ones".






This angel is the highest ranking angel called an "archangel"
named in Daniel 10:21 and 12:1
The book of Daniel describes him as the "great prince who protects" the Jewish people.  He is seen again in the book of
Revelations, 12:7 at the head of warring angels fighting against Satan and his hosts.
Michael is a prominent figure in many of the Jewish religious tracts.



This is also a high ranking "archangel" named in both the book
of Daniel as well as Luke.
Jewish writings attribute the deeds of unnamed Old Testament angels to Gabriel such as an intercessor on behalf of God's
people and as an angel of power who destroys the wicked.
Christian tradition has also developed legends where he is involved in blowing the trumpet to announce
Christ's return!






Means "adversary" , he is known as the powerful angelic being portrayed in Scripture as the determined enemy of God and of human beings.  Some commentators believe Satan is the object of  Isa:14:12-15,
which describes the fall from heaven of a proud ruler determined to
"raise his throne above all the stars of God".
The same commentators also see Satan in Ezek:28:11-19,
where the focus shifts from a "ruler" of Tyre to a "king" described as a "model of perfection" until "wickedness was found in (him)." The text describes this individual as "a guardian cherub" who was "on the holy mount of God" until pride led to sin.
According to one view, these passages explain Satan's origin as a highly ranked angel, whose sin introduced evil into the universe and made him an implacable enemy of God and a malicious adversary of God's people.
Since Satan is a created being (initially as an angel, now fallen) ,
his rebellion may be permitted temorarily as his doom is certain along with his demons.  In Rev:20  7-10 at history's end he will be
bound for a thousand years, then briefly loosed, and finally cast into a
"lake of fire (burning sulfur) to be "tormented day and night for
ever and ever"!