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About My Artison Jewelry


When I started to put my dsc-0685-op-720x679.jpginventory of handcrafted bead jewelry together, I envisioned using beads that were unique, fun, recyclable (vintage) and glamorous.  I wanted to use a plethora of styles, taste
levels, bold and conservative presentations using choker lengths up to 48" double
length necklaces.

Using the typical flex-wire that is popular as a stringing material, I (in the past) found out that it will eventually stretch. When I used delicate 14kt gold spacer beads they would be crushed with the weight of even a relatively light bead.
Oddly as it seems, flex-wire is bound to break and when it does EVERY BEAD FALLS ALL OVER the floor!

I learned to switch to hand-knotting using beautifully colored nylon and silk thread. It is far stronger than the flex-wire and if it does break, (far rarer than the flex- wire), it breaks without all the beads falling apart.  The necklace or bracelet is self contained!  This has been done traditionally in the Orient with stringing pearls, as knotting would be the solution to keep the pearls secure and not scratched by rubbing together!

I thought that by going to antique stores to find vintage beads, as well as finding gemstones of all kinds, (especially ones not found in stores), additional mediums such as metal, wood, porcelain, glass, crystal, and others not normally found in upper bracket creations would create a niche for the customer who wants something more.

With the popularity of the "soccer mom", I thought "why not provide some fun themes that no one else provides?"  So I am gearing up to provide a variety of categories in themes for quality necklace sets and watches, etc.  Those themes will include: Sports, Political, Religious, Travel & Games to name a few!


By using 14kt, 14kt gold-filled and plate, Sterling Silver and silver plate, as well as Copper and Brass rather than ugly "jeweler's metal" that usually turns dark after a period of time is also what I wanted to do for a better piece of trendy fashion jewelry.  Wherever possible I try to use the highest grade of metal until I know that it will be cost prohibitive. You will notice occasionally that I will use 14kt spacer beads on the necklace portion and use gold-filled clasps or earring wires.  If you desire a higher end piece using all 14kt findings I will be happy to get you a quote!

If you have allergies concerning your pierced ears, I have applied a treatment to stop allergic reactions to copper ear wires. Let me know if you need a treatment for anything other than 14kt gold earrings. Thanks!
 If you do not wear pierced earrings and prefer a pinch clip style,  all you need to do is email me to change it. In case of 14kt gold, it will drive up the price due to more gold in the finding itself. I am here to help you reach your needs if I can!

I have made a unique custom bracelet that contains the 12 foundation stones of Heaven with additional pearls and gold! This creation is made to be sold with an unlimited supply, rather than a one-of-a-kind scenerio.  40% of the net profits will be donated to several Christian/Jewish Ministries.


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