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" Golden Grape Vines"newsoldgallerypage-element10.png 
This was a project using a very special Heirloom Pendant from a customer that started out as a simple  non-gold chain necklace .  It had a white porcelain pendant where another artist friend had applied gold leaf motifs of a grape vine on both sides. She also had matching earrings with the same design.  I added  vintage (circa 1940) French Porcelain beads w/ 14kt spacers into a 22" necklace to make a lovely heirloom set w/ earrings!  Final approximate value of necklace (without earrings) was valued at approximately for $150.00







"Springtime Flora" newsoldgallerypage-element12.jpg
Here was another Heirloom Cameo Pendant of Roses from the same customer that needed a necklace and matching earrings.  I found a lovely modern strand of New Jade 18 x 25mm oval beads and incorporated some vintage raspberry spacer glass rounds (circa 1950) to make the 22" necklace and some drop pierced earrings w/ the same beads to match. Sorry that the earrings weren't photographed. A 14kt gold-filled toggle clasp and earring findings were used. The approx value of the necklace & earrings (without the heirloom pendant is: $90.00










​"Amber Molten Fire" amber-molten-fire-194a.jpg

 This was an expensive 30" necklace set that I made for myself in the early 2000s.  14kt Gold of course was a lot less expensive.  I had a custom huge 14kt- 20mm bale made for the large thick oval 36 x 55mm pendant.  Also 14kt gold oval backings for the pierced earrings were custom fit for the earrings with dropped hearts.  A 14kt spring ring clasp was also included for the Genuine Baltic Amber necklace that had faceted Cognac 13mm vintage (circa 1950) crystal disks and Amber bi-cone crystal spacers. A non-clasp bracelet was also hand-knotted.  A 14kt mount was also used for a "tree branch" design ring which was NOT included in the approx. retail value which in 2002 was approx. $625.00










 "Apricots in a Basket"​ newsoldgallerypage-element17.jpg

This highly prized organic bead is natural genuine Coral which is not allowed to be harvested any more due to its rarity.  Coral that is mostly sold today comes from Bamboo Branch Coral which is more common and mostly dyed from the natural white color.  This 30" graduating necklace ranges from 14 to 20mm round carved beads. The spacers are darker pink 5mm genuine Coral and 14kt gold hollow 7mm rondell disks. In order to give the necklace more length (than was available), I used warm pink vintage glass rounds(circa 1950) and disks w/  3-5mm 14kt spacers to help build length, ( on the upper area and around to the back as shown.) The typical 14kt Gold clasp (as used with pearls as seen below) was used.  The pierced earrings were identical to a large gold Coral Floral ring, and carved bracelet fitted in 14kt also were a part of the set.  The retail price for the necklace only was valued in 2005 for approximately $840.00






"Wave that Flapper Necklace! "  wave-that-flapper-necklace-104.jpg

 Here is a 47" hand-knotted Pearl necklace that incorporates 7mm gray shell pearls, 12mm pink fresh water pearls, 9-10mm fresh water pearls, 3mm -14kt gold spacers and 14kt Rose Gold typical styled pearl clasp.  The contrasting deep pink thread helped enhance the total look.  It can be knotted (with care as the Flappers did in the 1920s) or worn as a double necklace.  Due to the lower cost of Gold in 2005 the Retail price was approximately valued at $280.00










"Red Hot Tomato"      newsoldgallerypage-element21.jpg               

 Here is an admittedly heavy necklace that measures 28".  It is made of dyed Red Bamboo Coral.  It has 6mm hot Red crystal spacers and covered gold lame' striped vintage fabric covered with gold-plated end caps to keep the fabric ends from fraying. There is no clasp needed due to the length and weight. The french hook drop earrings is 14kt gold-filled. The approximately Retail value for the set is $235.00










"Golden Torch"  newsoldgallerypage-element23.jpg

 This necklace set was inspired  by a Yellow Jadite Jade 14kt gold wrapped oval pendant. The  customer also had a yellow Sapphire that was added to the top right side of the pendant.  She wanted to enhance the pendant.  So a 27" necklace was made to match the already purchased doughnut earrings and pendant.  Yellow Jadite Jade 4 & 8mm rounds, vintage clear crystal are used. For the 3-strand bracelet 5mm -14kt spacers were used and a 14kt  3-strand bracelet clasp and spring ring clasp for the necklace were used.  Including the earrings, the entire set is retailed valued at approximately $500.00








"Eternally Yours" 20110417-48-jpgbbbb.jpg

 This unusual Serpentine carved "infinity-shaped beaded necklace is enhanced with fresh water pearls beaded inside each opening.  Cat's Eye beads with crystals (hard to see) were used as sparkly accents to complete the piece.  A 14kt gold-filled toggle clasp was used to keep the piece secure.  This color AND carved beads was the only style offered and is truly unique and beautiful.  I only wish the crystals would have shown more from the photo.  Sold at $89.00









"The Ivory Rose"   dsc-0313-jpgaaa.jpg

This necklace was made from two vintage genuine Ivory necklaces (circa 1920 & 1930).  I found them in Antique stores where due to age, was allowed to be sold.  I combined the two by using 2 threads at once allowing for the additional loops, etc to be combined into the total design.  I added 5mm 14kt gold beads to add additional interest and contrast.  The clasp is also vintage.  It is oblong and is made with a screw thread where both sides screw together!  Why don't more clasps work that well?  Because harvesting Ivory today is prohibited, bone and horn is what is being used for that look today.  Even some horn is prohibited for sale as well. Ivory is one of 5 organic gems that is used in jewelry.  Therefore it is very soft and can be easily damaged.  If you have an Ivory heirloom and would like it incorporated into a updated piece, send me an email.  There are 2 necklaces in the e-store that are still available.  The approximate value of this necklace is: $500.00 due to the 14kt gold.  The ring shown is approximately valued at: $300.00